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Uk 49s Teatime Results

we are going to  Uk 49s Teatime Results For Today as well as we are active to update the latest insight about 49s lottery all activities. You can see the latest Result of Uk49s Teatime Results. It is our team’s priority to update all results on an immediate basis.

Uk Teatime Results Timing

From February to October, the Teatime Results Draw takes place at 5:49 pm (UK time), and at 4:49 pm throughout the rest of the year.

Teatime Results Are as Follows :

Check Lunchtime Results

DateWinning NumbersBooster
16 August 20228122832444523
15 August 202220263839484918
14 August 202207202426444821
13 August 202211141526304625
12 August 20228283739404835
11 August 20221520213134422
10 August 20222472223256
09 August 20226264142444835
08 August 20223091112222436
07 August 20222070829344036
06 August 20223113145464933
05 August 20227171920284913
04 August 202257134044468
03 August 2022271112374821
02 August 202207232932394428
01 August 202208091113284035

UK49s Teatime Results

It is up to the player to decide how much money they are willing to wager on the outcome they have selected. The UK49s Teatime does not have a single price option, rather, you can choose how much you wish to bet. There are no other lottery games like this that we are familiar with. In addition to the betting structure for the UK49s, the prize structure is also affected by the betting structure.

Teatime Hot and Cold Numbers

uk49 hot and cold numbers, The lottery officials of the United Kingdom manage lottery games in the UK 49s lottery, which is held every day for two days. The participant can play fortuitously with both simultaneously. Many people say it’s an art of fortuitousness. In reality, is not luck. Find the difference between cold and hot ball and win Uk49s teatime results for today and tomorrow?

UK49s Teatime Prize Structure

An asymmetrical betting structure results in a prize structure where the only symmetry is in the odds, i.e., the prize amounts will vary based on how much money you decide to wager on a given outcome. The UK49s offers odds for each possible outcome ranging from 6-1 for a single number to odds of almost 14,000,000-1 for the top prize of seven numbers (6 + Bonus Ball). The one variant that never changes in the UK49s is the odds, pretty much everything else can be decided on by the player.

Prize Payouts

NumbersPicked to Play 6 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet) 7 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet) 6 Drawn NumberOdds 7 Drawn NumberOdds
1 $12 $10 6/1 5/1
2 $132 $90 66/1 45/1
3 $1,300 $656 650/1 328/1
4 $16,000 $9,000 8,000/1 4,500/1
5 $300,000 $100,000 150,000/1 50,000/1

How to play the 49s lottery game?

  • The 49s teatime lottery is similar to many other lotteries out there
  • For playing the 49s teatime lottery, you need to draw six numbers and one booster number from a lot of 1 to 49 numbers
  • It completely depends on you whether you want to play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw
  • The seven number draw includes a Booster ball that will increase your chances of winning the lottery
  • You can either choose your own numbers or let the Lucky Dip pick those numbers randomly for you


We hope you have enjoyed this helpful post about UK49 teatime’s latest results. Therefore, I have tried to give you a short overview of Uk49s teatime results and teatime lottery predictions. Wish you the best of luck.

What time are the UK teatime results?

The uk49s teatime results i.e. the winning numbers are announced at 5:49 p.m. GMT usually.

How do you win the UK 49s?

A very common strategy among UK 49s players is to use patterns. Players use patterns such as ‘M’ or ‘X’ on the card when choosing UK 49s numbers, and because this is such a common strategy it means that if you win you will have to split the prize with everyone else that used the same method. Play consistently.

How many numbers do you need to win 49s?

Six numbers plus a bonus number known as the “Booster” are drawn from balls marked 1-49. You can play either the 6 or 7 number draw (which includes the Booster ball to increase your chances of winning)